J & T Eight Years Later

Tomorrow is my eighth wedding anniversary with Jonathan. And later this year, we will have been together for ten years, a whole fucking decade. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s been that long. We have come a long way since we first got together and have experienced so much together. It’s been an incredible journey, so I thought I’d share some of our story for anyone who is interested.

Jon and I met as teenagers, I was fourteen and he was sixteen. He was best friends with my brother at the time but we never uttered a single word to each other until I was eighteen. I’m not fucking lying, WE NEVER SPOKE TO EACH OTHER. We were both really shy, and whenever he would come over our apartment we just exchanged awkward smiles and that’s it. But I definitely had the biggest crush on him and I referred to him as “Sexy” since my brother had more than one friend named Jon. I had even told my mother that I was gonna marry him someday.

But once he graduated from high school, Sexy moved to Florida to go to school over there and I thought that was it. I thought I’d never see him again. But a couple of years later, he came back to visit, after he had moved to Boston. We had our first unofficial date at IKEA and our first kiss after dinner that night. We made it official after my nineteenth birthday and I fell in love, and I fell hard.

Jon and I at my 19th birthday dinner May 2009.

Things went pretty fast with our relationship. Almost like we were somehow trying to make up for the time we missed as teenagers. We moved in together almost immediately in Boston. We got engaged about seven months later, then moved to Florida and shortly got our own place there. And three months after having a place of our own, I was pregnant. And while I was in shock at first, I was so excited to be a mom.

We wound up getting married a few months later after pressure from my dad. We were so broke at the time we got married at the little chapel down the street from our apartment. I remember the sweet old British couple who owned it and I was thankful the wife let me use this huge bouquet to hide my pregnant belly. I was five months pregnant and actually thought control-top pantyhose hid my belly well. It didn’t matter to me, pregnant or not, I was marrying the man of my dreams.

I walked down the aisle arm-in-arm with my best friend who would be giving me away since none of my family was there. I made my way to Jon and as soon as the officiant started talking I just started bawling. It could have been the pregnancy hormones making me cry my eyes out but I couldn’t believe I was getting married. I was so incredibly happy.

My best friend, Kayla, walking me down the aisle.

And we were married!

And five months later, we were parents.

Isabella Rose

And six years after that, we became parents to one more.

Emilia Rae

Things haven’t always been easy for us. I’ve grown up a lot since being with Jon. He’s helped me realize the importance of complete honesty, no matter how painful it may be. We work everyday to make shit work. There are plenty of times when I just want to wring his neck but I don’t. I still try to communicate better, without getting angry. We work together to make sure we’re a strong couple which makes us better parents to our daughters.

With everything that goes on in our lives, I am thankful to have Jon by my side. When anything happens, good or bad, he’s the first person I turn to. He really is my best friend, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it. I feel really fucking lucky.

Eight years tomorrow, a lifetime to go. Happy anniversary, I love you, baby.


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